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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Joint Pain During Winter

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With the arrival of winters people’s joint pain rises to its supremacy. You may wonder why it does so. Well, it has many reasons. Joint pains are signs of an injury or an essential health condition. However, cold weather causes joint problems, especially if you have to spend time outside during the winter.

Hence, complaints about joint pain are more common during the winter than at other times of the year. We have manufactured joint flex capsules to support your joint health. It is a dietary supplement you can consume to get relief from joint pain. 

Insufficient research has been conducted to determine the cause of this condition. During the colder months, the body tries to retain heat by sending more blood to body parts in the midsection of the body, such as the heart, lungs, and internal tract.

As a result, there is less blood in the legs, knees, arms, shoulders, and other joints. Therefore, the blood vessels at the joints contract. Because of the decreased blood flow, those areas become stiffer and colder, which can cause pain and distress.

Here are some measures to follow to prevent your joint pain during winters;

1. Keep Moving 

Inactivity reduces the variety of motion and exacerbates joint pain. Choosing to stay active during the winter months helps promote joint function and mobility, as well as a more positive outlook. To maintain your body active and fit, try indoor swimming in a warm pool, stretching with yoga or aerobics, brisk walking, and weight training.

2. Dress Up As Per Weather Conditions

Dress up plenty of layers and keep yourself tucked up if you’re going out in the cold. Whether joint pain is the underlying cause, cold fingers and toes tend to hurt and feel sore. The cold air can be quite upsetting to the body, particularly the joints. Warm clothes help you to retain heat and stop outside the cold atmosphere to affect your body. 

3. Eat Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet will keep your body healthy during the winter months, preventing illness and the affiliated aches and pains. Consume a wide range of fruits and veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. Avoid sugary and saturated fat-laden foods, as well as processed foods.

Getting sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals will lessen your risk of having joint pains. If you are allergic to certain foods, consult with your doctor to determine the correct course of action.

4. Avoid Weight Gain During Winter Months 

Weight gain is often associated with winter. Healthy habits start to drift a little during the holidays, with several people bringing on extra pounds. Although the ordinary weight gain is only about a pound, even a tiny amount of extra weight can cause problems with your knees and other joints. Hence, maintain a balanced diet to keep your weight scale as it is during other seasons. Follow a healthy diet chart and stick to your workout regime as well. 

5. Learn About The Proper Supplements And Treatment

It is advisable to consult your doctor about the best treatment plan for your specific needs. Many supplements and medications can have unintended consequences. Follow your doctor’s suggestions for any vitamins that may become depleted as the weather cools. Your physician will advise you on the best plan of action to take for winter joint pain relief.

ProperVit has prepared a joint flex with turmeric supplement which is a blend of natural ingredients. It contains 1500mg of Glucosamine to keep your cartilage in joints healthy.

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