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Immunity Season
Protect You and Your Loved Ones with Immunity Boosting Products
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Support Your Child’s Nutritional Needs
Protect You and Your Loved Ones with Immunity Boosting Products
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The Sunshine Vitamin
Live Brighter with Vitamin D3

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Proper Vit vitamins and supplements are made in the USA with select ingredients from around the world.

We look to avoid artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers, binders, or colorings.

The Best Children's Supplements



Yummy Gummies for Kids

Our Yummy Gummies help you support your child’s health and wellness. From nutritional support to specific vitamins, Proper Vit gummies are a delicious way to help support your child’s wellness. Choose from our vitamin gummies like Vitamin C and Vitamin D, or choose gummies specific needs from sleep to digestive health.

Omega Essential Fatty Acids

Omega-3s are essential fatty acids you get from outside sources like foods and supplements. They are used by every cell wall in your body and help build and maintain optimal health. Two crucial fatty acids compounds from animal sources are EPA and DHA, while a third, ALA, is a plant based omega-3.

Liposomal Technology

Our bodies only absorb a portion of the vitamins and minerals found in food and traditional supplements. Liposomal products maximize absorption.


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